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SmartQA is a leading expert in the field of Testing, QA & (test)automation. With years of experience in testing and developing automated tests and processes, you can rely on SmartQA to optimize your software testing process and ensure the quality of your product.

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By using our passion and expertise we guarantee success! SmartQA helps its clients with:


At SmartQA you hire a professional who improves the complete QA & test process or your automation solution. We offer the right support for expanding test automation or independently assessing the current situation


As experienced experts in testing and test automation, SmartQA offers an independent view during your projects with extensive analysis and associated advice on the quality, status and support of your current test(automation) solutions, including code reviews.

Automation Software

SmartQA builds automation frameworks in popular languages ​​and integrates them into the build pipeline. As experts in automated solutions, frameworks and CI/CD tools, we stay up-to-date with the latest developments and are happy to implement them.

About SmartQA

At SmartQA we have a passion for automation in every possible way. As enthusiastic professionals, we continuously work to improve ourselves and our services. We stay informed of the latest developments and love both the application and technology of test automation.

Your partner in (Test) Automation Development

At SmartQA, the customer is our main priority, we always think along with you, we are flexible and we have no preference for tooling or brands. Whether you are just starting with test automation, want to expand your test automation effort or need an independent look at your current state, at SmartQA we are happy to help you!


Automated tests can be reused for different versions of a software product.


Automated tests can be scaled to meet the demands of larger software applications.


Automated tests run faster and more efficiently than manual tests.

We take exceptional care of our people.

Become part of a team that is truly passionate about test automation.

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