Automation Software

At SmartQA we believe that test automation software should not only be effective, but also easy to implement and maintain. Our professionals write test automation software in the most popular and used languages, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java and C#. This allows us to meet the needs of each customer and choose the most suitable language for their specific project.

Customized (test) automation software

Our professionals use the most popular automation libraries for both backend and frontend validation, such as Selenium WebDriver, WebDriverIO, Playwright, Cypress and Robot Framework. This ensures that our customers have access to the best tools and technologies on the market.

Seamless integration

At SmartQA we understand that test automation software not only needs to be written, but also integrated into the existing build pipeline. Our professionals ensure that the tests always run in the build pipeline, regardless of the CI/CD tool used. We support a wide range of tools, such as Circle CI, Jenkins, Github Actions, Gitlab or Azure, so our customers have the freedom to use their favorite CI/CD tool.

Trust SmartQA for smooth and efficient test automation

Save time, increase accuracy, and deliver high-quality software with the confidence that your tests will always run reliably. SmartQA ensures that your tests always run smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the technology and infrastructure used.

Our automation frameworks

Our advanced test automation frameworks are designed to streamline your software development process, minimize risk, and maximize the reliability of your applications.

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