Transition to Playwright Workshop

Transition to Playwright Workshop

Make a timely switch to Playwright, the fastest-growing tool in test automation. This workshop is designed for professionals who want to update their existing automation skills, transition to Playwright and get hands on experience. 


In a half- to full-day workshop, you will learn how to effectively switch from your current framework to the advanced e2e Playwright framework.

For who is this workshop?

This workshop is essential for professionals who are already familiar with test automation and want to quickly reap the benefits of Playwright.

Why this workshop is indispensable

  • Playwright’s growing popularity and how you can lead the way;
  • Hands-on approach with focus on active learning;
  • Knowledge transfer by experienced practitioners;
  • Emphasis on learning by doing with extensive hands-on assignments.

What can you expect?

  • The rise of Playwright and its impact on the industry;
  • Playwright’s unique features;
  • How to preserve valuable elements of old frameworks;
  • Full chain support with e2e test automation via Playwright.

Course overview

  • Introduction to Playwright;
  • Installation and configuration;
  • The difference in launching tests in three browsers with reporting;
  • Practical exercises: writing your first test to advanced best practices;
  • The new way of API testing and UI tracing within Playwright.

Are you ready to become a Playwright expert? Sign up for the workshop and take your test automation to the next level.


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