SmartQA offers consultancy to evaluate and improve companies’ test automation processes. Thanks to our years of experience in the field and our own intake model, we can provide a clear picture of how far you have progressed with your test automation effort, from support within management to reporting on the running tests.

Improve your testing and test automation with SmartQA

Our consultancy service includes a comprehensive evaluation of your test automation pipeline. We start by conducting interviews with multiple stakeholders and disciplines to get a complete picture of your current processes. We then dive deep into the code and the CI/CD pipeline to see how efficient and effective the current test automation effort is.

In-depth evaluation for better results

After carrying out this evaluation, we provide a detailed report in which we present our findings and recommendations. We also offer a workshop to prioritize the improvement points and draw up a plan together to optimize the test automation processes.

Optimize your test automation processes with SmartQA

Choose SmartQA and we ensure that your test automation processes are at the highest level, with the most efficient and effective methods and tooling.

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